Social Consciousness

Social Start Now salutes all First Responders and Health Care Professionals!

The USA is by far the greatest country in the world and we as a people will unite and overcome this most current pandemic obstacle. Yes....we have issues.....but our history as a nation tells us we are the most industrious and creative nation on earth when it comes to innovation, compassion, benevolence, and looking out for humanity. 

Social consciousness is ingrained in our fiber and although we may have recently gotten away from our innate values we at SSN feel this crisis is a message and that it will lead us back onto the right path.

We've overcome Pandemics in the past in 1918, 1957, 1968, and 2009. We've overcome terrorist attacks, natural disasters, the Great Depression, and World Wars. This latest test will strengthen our resolve even more and will allow us to unite and achieve unparalleled heights as never before. 

It is essential to stay positive right now and for every person to do their part in assuring this will merely be a speed bump on the road to happiness. Keep your minds active and your bodies healthy as it is more important right now than ever!

Information is our Mission

Never has there been so much information at our fingertips! We at Social Start Now believe the internet and Social Media are here to assist us in overcoming this emergency. Getting information out to the greatest amount of people in the quickest and most economical way is our companies mission and the basis for our formation. 

SSN has a civic duty to be more diligent than ever at getting out essential messages and helping our society and economy to survive.

If your company has a need that requires mass exposure on Social Media right now please contact us so we can help!